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Sustainable mat solutions

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Why buy your mats rather than rent them?

At Cleans, we offer environmental matting solutions and develop new products with a focus on recycling — for us the climate comes first.

There are calculations that by owning our mats we can reduce our footprint considerably. By removing the transport factor to and from the laundry facility, we achieve the greatest Co2 savings.

Despite the fact that the matting suppliers on the rental market are trying to replace fossil fuel-powered cars with electric — as well as laundry methods with recycled water, there is still a much greater saving in owning your mats rather than renting.

Advantages of an environmental focused mat?

Transport savings

In order to reduce your emissions saving on your mat choice, you must first of all follow a simple principle/slogan: "Leave The Mat" (LTM).

An active matting service with periodic replacement/cleaning has a costly transport to/from a laundry facility associated with it — a service agreement like this typically involves 24-48 changes per year.

By maintaining our mats on the location, we can reduce our footprint and costs. associated with traditional rental-washing agreements on mats, such as driving and washing.

Recycled materials

In addition, we offer mat products made from materials from recycling such as PET (plastic bottles) and natural rubber (old car tyres).

That's what we call environmental matting.

Who can buy Clean's sustainable mat solutions?

We sell our matting solutions to everyone: B2C, B2B and B2G.

If you are a B2B or B2G customer, we have gathered information about access here.

How do I get access to Cleans' range of mat solutions as a business?

Purchase directly for your company, or become a partner or wholesaler.

First, you must become a B2B customer by submitting your information.

You then get access to advantageous prices. You will get access to these benefits via your unique profile.

How do you recommend that the mats are best maintained?

In short, we recommend general. vacuuming when the mat is dry, as well as periodic washing with water etc. carpet cleaning when the need arises.

In this way, we reduce our footprint because the mats are not for laundry.

Most of our customers have made an agreement with their cleaning company or manage the daily maintenance themselves.

Here you will find more information and advice on maintaining mats.