Maintenance of mats

With this method, you can easily and efficiently maintain your mats — you thereby reduce your Co2 footprint and quickly save the ongoing service costs that traditional rental agreements have.


General vacuuming

By general vacuuming removes dirt and grime from the fibers of the mat.

Daily vacuuming is recommended for an inviting entrance and to maintain an effective mat.


Air / Water

An effective way to get rid of most of the dirt from the mat is to turn it over (preferably outdoors). If you have a stand on which the mat can be hung, it is easier to release remaining sand and soil with a carpet beater.

Then rinse the mat with water (e.g. with a garden hose) and at the same time use a broom (street broom or similar) to remove stubborn dirt — use soft strokes to spare the fibers.

Allow the mat to air dry and/or use a wet vacuum cleaner to soak up any remaining water.

ATTENTION do not use a high pressure cleaner as this predicts damage to the mat and fibers.

Deep cleaning

Carpet cleaning

In the vast majority of cases, the above is sufficient, but with a carpet cleaning we can also achieve an in-depth cleaning, which can revive a mat after periods of particularly bad weather.

We recommend that you use special soap suitable for textiles in smaller quantities (preferably Swan label).


Extra care

A mat typically has a visible rubber edge which collects dirt and can get dirty. If you want a nice frame around the mat, you can wash the edge with a brush and a little water/soap.

For a final finish, it is also an option to add a caring shine treatment to the rubber — but this is not a necessity.