• Less CO2

    Cleans Ocean Entrance Mat is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and used car tires — take responsibility and reduce your CO2 emissions when owning and cleaning your mats on the location.

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    We all want to save money — and that's exactly what the Cleans Ocean Entrance Mat can help you with. Take responsibility by owning your mats and achieve savings.

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    As a company, you have the option to buy directly from Cleans. Become a wholesale customer today by registering here.

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Colour: Dark Grey

Surface: Recycle 84% PET + 16% PP yarn

Rear lining: REACH approved rubber, recycle = 77%

Absorbency: 5L per/sq.m

Other features:
Built-in water edge, Easy-clean structure (Cubes), Non-slip, Fire-certified, PVC-free

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The Cleans Ocean Entrance Mat is available in the color Dark Gray and in a range of standard sizes.

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Many companies and municipalities have today replaced their rental agreement with a purchase solution and thus chose Cleans Ocean Entrance Mat as a favorite — precisely because it is a climate-smart and economical alternative.