Environmental Matting

What is the most important thing we have?

Family and health are undoubtedly high on most people's priority lists. Planet Earth is where we thrive and should feel good. Challenges with the climate are a fact with temperature changes that must be slowed down. Our footprint is equal to the decisions we make today. We believe that most people know this and try to live by it in the best possible way. The question is — can we do more to preserve what is important?

At Cleans, it's all about common sense

When we started looking into the mat industry — favored with mat-rental agreements, we calculated on an alternative purchase solution with savings as a result. Economically and in terms of footprint. Renting the model on mats requires a washing scheme where they are driven back and forth with a typical washing cycle of 3-4 times a month.

A larger setup that runs its course at many companies around the world. "It works fine, so why do we have to change it?", "The problem is solved and we don't have to spend more time thinking about mats", "Some people come and change our mats, so we don't have need another mat solution" are all examples of how we have traditionally thought when it comes to entrance mats.

Today we feel a change

The companies and municipalities can see that there is logic in owning your mats rather than renting them. Not only because it gives them a financial saving in a relatively short time, but also because you contribute with less strain on the environment. In other words, the Co2 savings you can achieve by maintaining your mats on site are well worth it.

In addition to offering mat solutions on a purchasing scheme, at Cleans we also have a strong focus on offering mats made from recycled materials. Our resources are important and so is our planet. For example, our range of entrance mats, logo mats and rubber mats are made from a high content of recycled plastic bottles and old car tyres.

Contributes to the UN's Global Goals

We must all contribute. The major challenges we face today are global. And so are the consequences. Therefore, we have to solve challenges together.