Savings on a matting solution

It must be worthwhile to choose sustainably: financially, climate-wise, society-wise.

1. The economic

A smart choice

Who doesn't want to save where they can? We know that there is money to be saved over time by owning your mats rather than renting. Service agreements on mats can be an expensive affair.

Get a good price when becoming a B2B customer.

Become a B2B customer

2. Transport Savings

Smaller Co2 footprint

It can be costly in terms of CO2 emissions to have a traditional rental-washing agreement. With many annual changes, they have to be transported back and forth from the laundry.

"Leave the Mat Lying" (LML) — Most have a cleaning team that can still maintain the mat on location.

About Maintenance

3. Resources & Materials

Recycled materials are the way forward

Choose a product that focuses on sustainability and recycled material. We sell matting solutions such as uses recycled PET from plastic bottles and natural rubber from old car tyres.

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4. Clean-up & Society

More hands

By supporting sustainable production, we can make more people in the world see the value in using recycled materials for products. But it requires an effort - which helps to create new jobs, less waste, and thus could change the global attitude about residual waste and a healthier purchasing attitude.

Sustainable Matting