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V-Mat Eco

V-Mat Eco

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V-Mat Eco - The environmentally friendly scratching mat in modules

V-Mat Eco is a scratching mat produced in synthetic PVC and phthalate-free rubber - free from PVC, phthalates and other harmful materials on the SVHC list.

V-Mat Eco is an effective scraping mat that absorbs both gravel, sand, snow and other coarse dirt.

V-Mat Eco works excellently in all types and sizes of entrances. Due to its hardness (73 shore), the mat handles heavy traffic, such as pallet trucks and carts. Therefore, the mat is also suitable in areas such as product deliveries.

The material EPDM withstands both heat and cold – therefore the mat is compatible, for installation both outside and inside:

  • Durable and dimensionally stable scratching mat in synthetic rubber (EPDM/PP)
  • Good resistance to oil and chemicals.
  • Height: 20 mm. Dimensions: 25x25 cm modules
  • Hardness: 73 shore
  • Fire rated UL 94: HB (granules)
  • Color: Graphite

Product benefits:

  • V-Mat Eco is the optimal choice for environmentally conscious companies and public institutions.
  • V-Mat Eco has obtained environmental classification B from "SundaHus" in Sweden.
  • Maximum service life and wear resistance.
  • Same material both outside and inside (one product)
  • V-Mat Eco is dimensionally stable in all directions and withstands heavy traffic, making it compatible for almost all areas.
  • Unique V-pattern that removes dirt from footwear, regardless of which direction you walk on the mat.
  • Flexible: The mat is built to measure in modules of 25x25 cm, which can be cut to size.
  • V-Mat Eco reduces dirt and wear on floors, and facilitates indoor cleaning.

Manufacturer's item number:

171162 (14mm)
171163 (20mm)

Technical details

User guide:
1. Measure how big the entrance mat should be. The mat can be placed directly on the floor or possibly deposited in a recess.
2. Choose a standard carton with 32 modules (just under 2 m2) or a customized solution with combination of V-Mat Eco and V-Mat Eco Duo - both are compatible and can be configured according to your choice. Finally - click the modules together with the "V-pattern" in the same direction.
3. The click assembly on the modules can be fitted either manually or with the help of a hammer and are easy to cut to the desired shape.
4. In areas that do not have a mat recess in the floor, the use of an aluminum frame is recommended.
5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mat, if dirt is trapped under the mat simply roll it up to clean underneath.


25x25cm per module in a box of 32 pieces
Choose between 14 or 20mm height


Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mat, if dirt is trapped under the mat simply roll it up to clean underneath.

See comprehensive guide on maintenance here:

Maintenance Mats

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V-Mat Eco

• Less to clean: Surveys shows that approx. 80% of all dirt on the floor comes from outside a building. With V-Mat Eco, as much as 80% of all dirt can be stopped already at the door.
• Simple to lay: The modules are clicked together to the desired shape. The joints between the modules are almost invisible, thanks to the good fit. Can be easily cut to fit pipes or other shapes so that the mat is adapted to the entrance area.
• Easy to clean: the V-Mat Eco module has a reinforced construction. It's also so tightly meshed that narrow heels don't get stuck. Despite the mat's stability, it is easy to roll up when it's time to clean both the floor and the mat.
• Beautiful and flexible: V-Mat Eco has a beautiful and elegant design that stays clean and tidy with a minimum of maintenance. V-Mat can be combined with a tailor-made one-tree solution.