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Waterhog Entrance Mat

Waterhog Entrance Mat

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Waterhog is a really good entrance mat that is produced with a surface made of 100% recycled PET and has good wear resistance.

Choose Waterhog with Diamond or Square design — and for this they are also available with alm. rubber edging or textile edging (fashion). No matter the design, the Waterhog mat easily catches dirt in the grooves and ensures an efficient surface and maintenance. Can therefore be vacuumed and cleaned with advantage periodically on location with water or carpet cleaner.

Other benefits of Waterhog

  • The mat does not have to be cleaned in a laundromat, thereby reducing our climate footprint
  • Built-in water edge ensures that water does not run out of the mat
  • Choose from several standard sizes and colors

Technical details

• Design: Diamond/Square (Rubber edge) or choose Diamond (Fashion), Square (Fashion) for a textile edge
• Number of colours, 5: Charcoal (Dark Grey), Medium Grey, Camel (Beige), Medium Blue & Navy Blue
• Surface: Recycled PET
• Rear cover: Rubber (PVC-free)
• Non-slip: Yes - Good
• Absorption level: 5L/m²
• Weight: 2.8 kg/m²
• Antistatic: Yes
• Fire safety standard: FF-2-70
• Discolouration: No, keeps the color well
• Can be used: Indoor/Outdoor




Daily maintenance: Alm. vacuuming
Periodic Cleaning: Clean water (possibly outdoors with a water hose)
Deep cleaning: Carpet cleaner with water and/or soapy water intended for textiles

Do not use a pressure washer or floor machines with rotating washing heads — these methods destroy the yarn of the mat.

See comprehensive guide on maintenance here:

Maintenance Mats

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Waterhog Entrance Mat

The entrance mat that combines most things in one mat — it scrapes, absorbs and is easy to maintain on location. Choose Waterhog Entrance Mat for a sustainable profile and good properties. In addition, Waterhog can be purchased in several designs and colors.